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I’ve brought value on challenges relating to product development, market expansion, revenue growth, commercial strategy, marketing shifts, expert witness testimony, and Mergers & Acquisitions. Past clients have spanned fledgling start-ups, global enterprises, financial tech, social media, venture capitalists and private equity firms.
I’ve been uniquely positioned to develop strategies and execute resolutions covering mobile health care, mobile payments, mobile marketing, messaging, iOT, cyber security and a variety of use cases. In some projects, I’ve moved into contributing executive roles as a result of the consultancy.

Global Point View Ltd, headquartered in Washington, D.C., has provided commercial insight and strategic solutions across the mobile ecosystem. Through integrated strategies we plan, design, develop and deliver clear solutions based on creative uses of web, mobile, wireless and emerging technologies to solve complex business problems for our clients.

Combining a global view earned through on-the-point operational experience, Global Point View provides the perspective, tools, plans and actions maximizing the full business potential of mobile telecommunications delivering full-cycle execution towards profits.

Past Projects include:


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Company: Mobile365, a start up developing a disruptive mobile IP innovation — cross protocol SMS text delivery — sees the whole world as their opportunity space.

Challenge: Develop strategy to rapidly capture mobile network operator customers across the globe to build foundation for service adoption, and global revenue generation. Look over the horizon to build immediate and long term revenues, quickly establishing higher valuation as global company.


  • Assessed risk and reward of globalizing domestic service offering.
  • Developed sales strategy identifying multiple, top-tier wireless carrier prospects within message dense countries against international direct dial traffic patterns across the globe.
  • Approached wireless carriers based on operating flexibility, affinity to non-GSM carriers, strong management capabilities and high level of participation in GSM global community.
  • Leveraging personal industry relationships, engaged operator prospects through direct sales effort evangelizing technology.
  • Structured a global framework contract with global mobile conglomerates such as Vodafone, Orange, Telefonica, MTN, China Mobile, others, closing and launching multi-country services. 

Results: Within year one, launched 20 mobile operator customers generating US$ 2 million in revenues. Grew international business line from blank page to $60 million within 5 years. Sold the company for $427M in 2006, with global reach being a key valuation advantage. 


Company: Mobile 365, an established text transiting company with international portfolio of 100+ mobile carrier clients seeks to fully enter and capture mainland China commercial opportunities.

Challenge: Fortify Mobile 365’s market position in Asia by becoming first non-Chinese company to provide messaging interconnect service for China Mobile and China Netcom. Develop China Strategy for company capitalizing on established presence in markets bordering mainland China and leveraging established global connections as enticements to mainland operators.


  • Established wholly owned foreign (WOFE) entity in China to serve Greater China market — lived in China for 7 months spearheading effort.
  • Identified, cultivated and secured pan-Asian company relationships providing adjacent services to China Mobile and China Unicom for introductions.
  • Framed direct engagement for China Mobile, established in-country office, resided in Beijing while securing and leading local sales team in deal execution and eventual implementation.

Results: Won direct contract with China Mobile and China Netcom leading to Greater China Market dominance completing China messaging transit connectivity and capturing new revenue streams between China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore mobile markets.



Companies: MACH, a leading mobile financial clearing company based in Luxembourg acquires End2End, an emerging German based SMS enterprise messaging services provider

Challenge: Advise on post merger integration, expansion into broader global markets, re-structuring sales organization of merged company, ensure employee retention and prevent customer defection.

Action: Working with key executives from both companies, rationalized sales organization, identified addressable market expansion and post merger competitive positioning, planned customer cross overs to maximize post merger growth.

Results: Plan enabled geographic market expansion, and global extension of integrated messaging services, generating double digit growth in 2007. In 2013 Syniverse acquired MACH for $693M. 

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Company: Clickatell, a global SMS gateway looks beyond messaging delivery.

Challenge: Assess challenges and opportunities for global messaging gateway seeking to understand risks and rewards of mobile payments applications segment. Re-position sales process for direct to carrier sales, and drive user adoption.


  • Recommended sales structure and conducted sales staff training on “cracking the carrier barrier” by illuminating strategies, challenges and tactics in selling directly to mobile network operators.
  • Identified layers of value proposition, framed sales message and positioned company in new role as trusted solutions provider.
  • Detailed insight into specialized mobile transaction market segment recommending marketing messaging and positioning for extending Clickatell’s services into consumer mobile payments for emerging markets in Africa.

Results: Reduced new market entry costs by shortening market entry process, created precisely targeted opportunities. Repositioned Clickatel to become a leader in enterprise mobile transaction services for prepaid airtime, electricity, and balance checking in developed and emerging markets.



Company: Facebook–then only web based—a social media service aspirationally considers the requirements and plans needed for mobile network operators to configure connectivity, through a favorable commercial model for Facebook.

Challenge: To better compete with MySpace and expand user’s experience beyond the tethered web, Facebook seeks to utilize SMS as a platform and work directly with mobile network operators around the globe, and seek to bridge with mobile operators easing the competitive posture between operators and Facebook.

Actions: Provided guidance on technical methods, commercial models and integration processes to position Facebook as a major partner with mobile operators across the globe. Advised on user pricing, provided introductions and business development to broaden Facebook operator relations.

Results: Facebook fully shifts to mobile in 2009, including development of iOS and Adrooid apps. Acquires a number of mobile first companies such as Instragram and WhatsApp. Facebook is now primarily a mobile messaging app, and utilizes SMS more than any one entity in the world.


Company: HIG Capital, a leading global private equity firm with $19B of capital under management.

Challenge: Seeking to make a potential $500M acquisition of a mobile messaging service center provider, HIG seeks a swift C-level perspective and prospects of acquisition target company markets, product portfolio benchmark and opportunities.

Action: Within two weeks, completed due diligence study of target company’s market, technical and commercial positioning as a potential investment. Analysis methodologies  focused on key segments within company’s strategy including mobile messaging infrastructure, mobile messaging monetization opportunities, secure enterprise messaging market and RCS/Web RTC initiatives, as well as providing an assessment of company’ s underlying technology, market drivers and use cases. Further analysis focused on the business’ product margins, traction, trajectory and competition.  Surveyed 20+ global executives on their commercial perspective of acquisition target.

Results: Through key findings obtained through interviews with twenty C-level executives around the world on their perspective of acquisition target combined with commercial analysis, our finding was that likely valuation and deal would drive negligible to modest growth and missed expectations of seller’s target of +$500M. HIG Capital did not pursue acquisition further.

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Company: As a business unit lead at Syniverse Technologies–a Carlyle Group owned managed services vendor with +$1.5 B in revenues—I recognized an opportunity space in the nascent mobile messaging cyber security segment.

Challenge: Identifying growing vulnerability against the growth of spam “army attacks” across text messaging networks, I looked to leverage internal expertise. I established services of “spam and spoof” controls in providing a platform as a service (PaaS) based solution to the problem. Needing to bridge a security capabilities gap within our product portfolio, I lead the effort to locate and select a technical partner. My concept was to provide the needed defense and reporting capabilities of complex cyber threats in order to protect mobile users from becoming victims of financial fraud. This solution would also eliminate a wireless operator’s increased bandwith strain as a result of the fraud based traffic. 

Actions: Led the ideation, conceptualization, creation and launch of a comprehensive network-based security solution. Identified and partnered with Dublin, Ireland, based security company. Creating a commercial partnership which Ied to the development of a combined solution enabling a unique global visibility of the messaging ecosystem providing cyber behavioral analytics, attack profiling, content analysis of spam SMS messaging “fingerprints” of smartphone botnets, “flash spam,” and defense against other cyber related network threats.

Within three months created “Messaging Trust” service with unique service capabilities including:

  • Spam intelligence, behavioral analytics, message sampling
  • Cyber Security Analytical insights of operators’ network messaging traffic including types and locations of risks & threats
  • Pan Operator co-ordination and integration of anti-spam enforcement as a result of service
  • Highly accurate categorization of spammers according to campaigns, originating countries, behavioral models, subscriber usage patterns and other filtering actions to identify and block suspicious elements in messaging traffic

Results: Secured initial service test launch with ATT & Vodafone. Generated $6M in first year revenues from global operator customers. Identified over 2 million spam messages a month, including 40,000 different types of network attacks. Messaging Trust won the global award for “Best Cyber Security Solution” from the GSM Association in 2013.


Company: Mblox, the world’s leading enterprise SMS messaging provider, with +$160M in revenues serving the messaging marketing needs of enterprises across the world. 

Challenge:  After fifteen years of market longevity in providing global and local scale messaging programs, Mblox needed considerable improvement of marketing return on investment (MROI). This required a shift to a digitally-driven strategy in order to match and exceed market growth in the application (A2P) messaging segment.


  • Provided an intense line item focus on MROI and budget spend, rationalized marketing organization structure and staff to align with sales—including establishing centralized Revenue Project Office dedicated to intense sales analysis of marketing methods associated with critical deals. 
  • Established strategic alignment of product and sales strategies by incorporating new marketing data driven insights, deeper digital presence, and shared technology systems expanding leads, and enabling sales and marketing performance communications across all functions of the company. 
  • Focused efforts to translate customer insights into product, field and brand marketing by overlapping and aligning close integration of efforts, underpinned through the use of technology across sales and marketing organizations, spanning global staff.    
  • Aligned digital, inside and strategic sales efforts to track with changes in marketing strategies eliminating organizational boundaries.

Results: Decreased overall marketing budget by 23% to $1.8M total. Within one year, generated $36M opportunity funnel by expanding YoY lead gen by 60%. Grew grew total content impressions by 840% to 9.2M total digital impressions, and 402% increase in media/analyst mentions. 

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Company: Facebook

Challenge: A Facebook subscriber files a class action lawsuit against the company, after receiving an unwanted message on her new, but recycled phone number, claiming that Facebook fraudulently profits from the unwanted messages as a result of receiving a fee for the message.

Actions: Collaborating with Facebook’s legal team at Cooley, contributed to developing defense strategy against the complaint based on my expert commercial and technical understanding of messaging and the mobile ecosystem. Leveraged my expertise, experience, and industry credentials as a court recognized “industry expert.” 

  • Prepared precise report presenting messaging trafficking facts and arguments against plaintiff’s claims of mobile message transit technologies and commercial structure. Provided independent research and metrics supporting reasoned, fact based, practical arguments refuting plaintiff’s claims.
  • As part of discovery, deposed by plaintiff’s counsel, testifying to my established expertise, articulating methodology of analysis, advocating the basis of my conclusions in submitted expert report.

Results: Case was settled pre-trial with no penalty. Facebook pledged to work with mobile operators to reduce unwanted text messages through higher scrutiny of recycled mobile numbers.

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